Location Location Location

We have all seen business units in our towns and cities where every six months the business changes.  You begin to ask yourself what is wrong with that location?

On campus it’s the same, what might appear to be an ideal location might not be suitable for everyone.

If it’s a space that has recently been vacated, ask the staff who used to work there what it was like and why they are moving out?

  • Ask about footfall
  • Lighting – some people are very concerned about natural light.
  • Temperature, what is the heating and aircon like?
  • What about noise?
  • Is the structure flexible making it easy to adapt to other uses?
  • Speak to your IT support team, will it be easy to rewire and get networked to your needs?
  • Are there issues of access at certain times of day / year due to other activities in the building?
  • Can you get deliveries in easily or are porters available?
  • Is there disabled access?

Moving your careers or information service is a bit like moving house. A great location may have some drawbacks, and compromises will have to be made.


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