The view from Edinburgh

Edinburgh1We moved our Central office into the Main Library building 18 months ago, as part of the library’s refurbishment, and so benefitted from the services of architects and interior designers who were happy to give us a firm steer towards a look which was in keeping with the rest of the building while meeting our own requirements.

There was the odd snag, of course – the over-bright LED lighting built in to our helpdesk springs to mind – but, all in all, we’re very pleased with the info room as a public space and as a working environment.

It’s bright, smart, and contemporary. Lots of white surfaces make it feel clean and inviting. edinburgh wallStudents can plug in their laptaps using floor sockets beneath the tables, and the tables are large enough for them to spread out our books and information folders at the same time. The wording on the wall (which looks stencilled but is actually stickers) catches the eye and helps to define the function of a specific area.

We thought storage space might be an issue; our bookcases help to address this by having cupboard space beneath the shelves. And this means there isn’t the wasted space that a floor-level shelf sometimes results in.Edinburghdesk

And there’s plenty of room for the Christmas tree!

Jane Challinor, University of Edinburgh Careers Service


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4 thoughts on “The view from Edinburgh

  1. Rosalind Kemp (@soirore)

    Really like the brightness of your centre – wish I’d had time for a good look round when I visited.

    How has your new location in the library impacted on visitor numbers? Do you get fewer grads/ alumni than before? Has it changed the culture/ feel of the info room? Sorry for the questions but am very curious.

    1. Sarah M (Undergrad blog) Post author

      Hi Rosalind, thanks for this – glad you like our info room. To answer your questions: footfall was higher during our first semester here, but overall for that academic year saw a small decrease, as did the number of enquiries at the info desk by alumni. (Graduates lose their swipecard access to this building within a couple of months of graduating, so we put a lot of effort into publicising their continuing eligibility to use us.)
      Have the new premises changed the culture/feel of the info room? I’d say it’s friendlier. Students no longer wait in a separate reception area for their appointment, and it’s easier for them to find their way around the info resources as they’re no longer spread out over six different rooms. We still get some students absorbed in their research and others chatting, and there’s still plenty of movement in and out of adviser rooms. It’s harder for a student to find a secret corner to eat their burger, though…..

      Jane Challinor
      Careers Information Manager
      University of Edinburgh Careers Service


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