What could you live without?


Tweet me and tell me what you could live without!

I was thinking about the nice careers spaces I have seen lately and I fear the time for these guys is nearly up!

We used to buy these things by the tonne, now we have a european style magiclip mountain!

(If you have never had the pleasure of these items, you must be in a file free zone)

The future is fileless (or is it?)

Each year we manage to whittle down our file collection, but still the temptation is there to collect and file useful information.  Do we really need to?

We have a fairly comprehensive website, a pretty good collection of books and produce umpteen handouts and guides so why do we need files of stuff?

I took a look at the files to see if there is really anything in them that is not online.  The answer – not a lot actually!  BUT…

They do neatly bundle information together in a convenient manner.  Am I crazy surely a website can do this? It’s silly isn’t it, that it’s easier to pick something off a shelf and flick through it to show someone something than find it online.

It’s not that it is hard to find information online, but even if you have portal style sites grouping all your related resources together, somehow showing a website to someone (and clicking on 20 different pages to illustrate your point while they are frantically trying to follow what you are doing) is not as user friendly as grabbing 1 file or a book.

Sitting down with someone and showing them how particular information can be used in relation to their query really gives that 1-1 attention, whereas information online seems to be seen as less authorative. Perhaps because it is seen to be accessible to anyone, not carefully collected and classified by a specialist.  (Smacks head against wall, thinks back to long hours of web structure and strategy meetings)

So what can I live without?

definitely magiclips and cardfix, (I do like a good plastic wallet and file divider for personal use only ehem!)

And I think, just maybe, next time I’m reviewing our web content and paper resources I MIGHT be prepared to ditch the files ( or at least some of them :-/)

Perhaps that will be my new years resolution, what’s yours?


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