The View from SHU

Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) – Careers Resource Centre

Our current Careers Resource Centre is located within Student Services in the main building at Sheffield Hallam’s City Campus. It was refurbished over Summer 2010 and reopened to students in September 2010.



A refurbishment team worked with the University’s Facilities department to remodel the Centre and select furniture. The furniture supplier was Southerns, who the University had used previously.

The Information Team took the opportunity to prune the amount of information resources, purchase new bookcases and information folders.After

The Centre is very bright and modern looking – the pink walls are very similar to the colour of the SHU brand!

The colour was carefully considered and is a compromise between being eye catching/comfortable without being something which would date very quickly.  The original design suggestion from Facilities had been lime green with contrast colour splashed about!

PCsWe have a bank of PCs that students and graduates can use for job search, writing CVs and applications, etc. plus round tables for meetings and collaboration. SHU info room

The Centre also acts as a reception point; advisers collect students from here to take them to the interview room along the corridor. We get lots of feedback about how friendly and welcoming the information desk staff are!

Some things to consider when planning a refurb include the effect on service delivery – although only a temporary move, it perhaps needs more planning than if you were to move into new premises – temporary office space for staff and the associated moving out and moving back in, where will interviews take place, how do we let students (staff) know about arrangements …the upside is, it makes you have a good clear out!

Our Centre is still fairly new, but we’re on the move again! We have recently secured a new, more prominent space which will hopefully be ready by the beginning of the 2013/14 academic year. Watch this space…

Michelle Bond, Information Assistant
Careers and Employment
Sheffield Hallam University


1 thought on “The View from SHU

  1. Holly (Graduate Blog)

    Hi Michelle, Thanks for showing us round, you’ve given me some good ideas! I have a couple of questions.
    1. It is interesting to hear that you are moving again so quickly, how has this come about? Is it due to the vagaries of space availability perhaps or a decision to improve facilities and services further than is possible where you are now?
    2. What would you say are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of your current position?
    Holly Seager, Information Manager, University of Manchester


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