Zen and the art of relocation

moving boxesHopefully if your library or careers centre is relocating you are moving to a more prominent location.

It’s likely however, that a prime piece of real estate will come at a cost and space is likely to be the limiting factor.  You really don’t want other people to arbitrarily decide what space you need and how you should use it, so make sure you get your voice heard.

Be practical and pragmatic though, don’t get hung up on what you have now think about what you REALLY need.

It’s a great opportunity to review your current space, usage and practices, some you will want to keep others you might decide to change.

  • Do you really need all those different graduate recruitment directories?
  • What about all those printed guides – do students really want paper?
  • Are those files and journals ever used?
  • Couldn’t the University library house your reference books?
  • Why do you have books anyway, doesn’t everyone read e-books now?

Some of these you probably want to argue about others maybe you would be prepared to give up.

If you are in a great new location perhaps you might become busier

  • How will you cope with more clients? Do you have flexible space to accommodate them?
  • What is demand like for your services? If you are busy now what will happen, will you have to be more selective about who gets an appointment or can you recruit more staff?
  • Can you use online booking? Or is it important that students are triaged before booking an appointment?

The answers to these questions are very much dependent on your particular service and institution, there is no one answer.  Just because it works somewhere else does not necessarily mean it will work for you, but it is definitely worth exploring!

Why not survey your users on a regular basis on key issues, if you ever do have the opportunity to move or have a refit, you will have some idea about the direction you should go in.


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