What are you doing for National Libraries day?

Maybe you don’t consider your careers information centre to be a library or yourself to be a librarian?logo

Do you offer an information service that might include…

  • Access to useful guides and handouts.
  • Access to IT facilities with trained staff available to help.
  • An enquiry service to help users with their questions and research.
  • Online resources such as e-books or PDFs & databases.
  • A referral service to tell users about other sources of information or advice related to their enquiry.
  • Access to books & journals.
  • A great information packed website.
  • Staff who are information literate and able to teach others how to navigate the www.
  • You might even have a qualified librarian kicking around somewhere ?

Well in my books (oh the puns!) if it walks like a library and talks like a library, then call it what you will, but it is in fact, a library.

So national libraries day – its a Saturday but we can still use it to plug our services and raise our profile.

Cunningly the date fits well with the launch of second semester and our spring events programme.  So it gives us a great opportunity to do some marketing in the week running up to the day.

  • Social media campaign, blog posts, FB, Twitter
  • Give aways
  • Challenge the staff with your careers research questions (so nothing new there then!)
  • Promoting our spring events and some important messages

So why not use the occasion to give your Careers Centre a plug – tell people what your staff can do, a library is not just about books it’s about people too.

You can use the dowloadable logos from this website: http://www.nationallibrariesday.org.uk/downloads/


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