Marketing and visual design

So this blog post is for @darrenmjones who tweeted me about librarian design share.

I am not a designer, I do not know how to use fancy design packages, nor am I particularly artistic.  I struggle for ideas that I could actually make into a visually appealing poster.FBposter

  • We have a logo ( well sort of, the design police would probably lock us up and throw away the key).
  • We have a colour scheme – woooooo. Not sure that really makes anyone thinks gosh that must me a careers product but at least it stops us using horrid clashing colours.
  • We have wonderful staff who are bright and creative and come up with fabulous ideas, but its hard to know what will work, so ideas come and go and only a few survive.
  • We are time poor, we simply don’t have the time to redesign all our products and keep them looking fresh.

We have used designers but to be honest some of their ideas have not been radical or that imaginative so for many things we just DIY it.

So if this sounds familiar check out some of the ideas here and see if you can liven up your posters.

If you have seen any brilliant design ideas for publications or posters – why not share them here.


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