Why change is good.

changediagramYou know how it is, someone springs an idea on your team and everyone has different reactions.

Generally people will go through stages:

  • When we first heard we might be moving we were in denial.
  • Then we thought it was crazy.
  • Then we thought of all the things that we would be able to change for the better and things started looking up!

Of course there will be new things that will drive us nuts but we don’t know about them yet so they don’t count.

Change activates change

On the back of our move we are starting to make all sorts of other changes that have previously been difficult to make.

  • Getting rid of those bulky information files.
  • Taking a good hard look at our book stock to decide if it is current and useful and making tough decisions on whether to buy new editions or not.
  • Getting a self check-in computer to free up staff at the desk.
  • Moving to online booking for Applications Advice which will also hopefully free up staff at the desk and mean we can have 1 less phone line.
  • Clearing out our office and getting rid of years of old files and training materials that were gathering dust, it’s quite cathartic really!

Somehow it’s been much easier to slip these small changes in when people are faced with a much bigger change.

My advice when faced with a big change or unknown

  • Let people talk about it, there will be negative reactions, that’s ok.
  • Let the idea sink in.
  • Start thinking about the positives, what niggles you now that you will be able to change.
  • Actively involve those who are change averse or likely to be negative in the process.
  • Start making some small positive changes in advance of the big one
  • Don’t suggest making too many big changes all at once, if they need to happen you are going to have to trickle them through.
  • Keep a sense of humour

I’ll let you know how it goes!


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