Resources for staff new to Careers Information Work

I was updating the AGCAS e-induction documents and thought i’d compile a few of the useful links here:

Networks and professional bodies

Products & guidelines

To start orienting yourself with some typical information staff issues The AGCAS Careers Information Specialist Group – CISG produce and update the Survival guide.

Survival guide topics

1. Organising Information
2. Information Strategy
3. Managing a move or redesign of your Careers Library or Information Space
4. Library Management Systems
5. Managing Electronic Resources
6. Information Provision & the Law
7. Matrix & the Information Room
8. Induction for Information Staff
9. Continuing Professional Development & Training
10. Introduction to Marketing for Information Staff 

Classification schemes

Many services use the AGCAS classification systems to help organise paper and to some extent web based information.  The occupational codes were based on the SOC codes and represent one option for helping you group like resources in a meaningful manner.

You can of course use your own in-house systems and with the reduction of paper resources, having a complicated classification may not be required.

AGCAS Classification
( and
AGCAS Occupational Classification

Information Management Systems

Services are using a variety of providers according to their needs, have a look at the resource register for some suggestions:

Social media

Twitter: Most services have official twitter accounts which are useful for following what they are telling students about. However there are a large number of information and library staff on Twitter tweeting on a personal/professional level and the discussions can be really useful.

You could try out a few of these:

AGCAS @AGCAS The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) is the professional association for higher education (HE) careers practitioners

LIS research @LISResearch
News and information for the UK library and information science research community.

Lib Voices @voiceslibrary A new library voice every week. A project where library and information staff from all different settings tweet for a week about their work.

CILIP @CILIPinfo The leading professional body for librarians, info specialists & knowledge managers.


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