Find out how careers theories can help with information provision

Bit of a shameless plug for the AGCAS course here, but if you are new to careers information and or are keen on theoretical perspectives to help underpin your work this could be for you.

Career Information Learning Theories, Warwick Fri  14  Jun 2013

This one-day course will provide all information specialists with the  opportunity to explore and synthesise different theoretical perspectives  and to formulate and articulate their own theory of career information  learning.

We will look at a range of theoretical perspectives and explore how these may be applied to and underpin our work as careers information professionals.

By the end of this course, participants should have or be able to:

• have an overview of the broad themes in traditional career development theories;
• be able to describe the benefits of using a theoretical basis to underpin the provision of    careers information
• understand how the acquisition of career knowledge can be described as a learning  process;
• be able to describe the four theoretical perspectives outlined in the training and to apply the process of ‘triangulation’.

Find out more

This is one of three new one-day courses run as a part of the Postgraduate Certificate in Career Education, Information and Guidance in HE (CEIGHE) under the AGCAS/Warwick Career Information module. Registrants must take all three courses as part of their certificate module. The other courses are Technology Update and Writing for the Web. ( also good stuff!)


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